The Project

Welcome to Alerta Joven, an initiative that promotes opportunities for Dominican At- Risk Youth. Alerta Joven gives youth a chance to discover their talents, to regain their lives and be productive people who contribute positively to our society.

Let's Start with the Basics 

  • Adolescents and youth (ages 10-24) represent more than 30% of the population. Most of them are living in poverty, without access to education, health, and employment opportunities.

  • 12.7% of adolescents between 10 and 24 years old with no identity documents cannot enter the education system or participate in many community programs
  • The Dominican Republic presents the highest rate of pregnancy in adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 18% of pregnancies between 12 and 18 years of age. 
  • 36% of students do not complete their basic education.
  • Youth between 16 and 24 years of age represent 38% of the total unemployed population.

The Challenge

What is a At- Risk Youth in Dominican society today?

  • A teenager who left school during seventh grade (age 12) and now a 19 year old man with no hope or future.
  • A girl who was born into prostitution and survives in the shadows of the informality in the tourism industry.
  • A boy who committed a first offense with the law and is now socially rejected without possibilities to an education or an opportunity to work.
  • A child is HIV positive and marginalized from their family and neighborhood environment.
  • Children, teens, and young adults who are "stateless" people without opportunities to an education who seek solutions in the street.
  • Youth without necessary documentation to enter the legal employment system.
  • A 16 year old mother with two children, already alone, and abandoned by her partner.
  • Teens and youth that have fallen into the trap of gangs and cannot escape.
  • Disabled youth that have never had the opportunity to work because there are no employment opportunities

The Goal 

Alerta Joven is presenting a new face to At-Risk Youth by providing: 

  • A network of protection and security 
  • Sustainability: Alerta Joven will continue to grow after its initial financing from USAID ends after 5 years 
  • A multidisciplinary approach whose implementation contributes to reduce the levels of violence and crime. 
  • Integration of education, health, and employment services to provide sustained support for our vulnerable youth. 
  • A warm & protective place where a child or teen, perhads a first offender of the law, a school drop-out, or a teenage monther can knock on the door in trust. 
  • A place where they can rediscover hope, find proven solutions, exit the "pit," and continue their lives positively. 

Expected Results 



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